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Whenever a tree is removed or cut down, there is always a part of it which is left (no not it’s soul or essence, it’s literal parts). It is known as a stump. It is a part of the tree’s trunk left behind. Stump removal service is the only option to get rid of it.

They are like a low platform of a tree trunk, mostly just a few inches above the ground. It may look like a no harming innocent and slightly bulged out a piece of wood, but it’s more than that. If you don’t plan on making it a mushroom growing spot or a home for the insects or plan on tripping everyone who steps into your yard. Then every arborist may suggest you take stump removal services in Calgary.

What is stump grinding? And why it’s not done while chopping the tree?

One thing you should know is a tree is always cut down from its trunk. It is not taken out of its roots. The reason is apparent because the roots of a full-grown tree are firm can be extended along a vast portion of your lawn. And if taken out completely, your backyard may look like a construction site with a large hole in between. Yeah, not a very beautiful lawn sight one would want.

The best way is the process of tree stump removal/ grinding that we at Tree Services Calgary provide. In which we, with the help of advance grinding machines, remove the stump. A grinding machine is a big machine. It may look like a lawnmower or a crane, depending on the size and capacity required for the project. They have sharp teeth like metal blades in the front, which chips down the wood into tiny pieces. And that is how the stump grinding process is done.

How we fit into the picture?

If you are tired and slightly irritated by that little piece of wood stuck out in your yard and wondering “where I can get a stump grinding service provider near you?”. The answer is right here.

Tree Services Calgary have the best team of arborist who is educated and trained commercial stump grinder in the area. Specialized in their field of work, they provide you with the best tree stump removal services ever in minimum possible time. They give you a consultant on to what options you have and how you can remove the stump. Yes, you don’t need to do any homework.

We have the advanced technologies available with our best stump grinder in Calgary, and with their combination, you’ll find your lawn, stump free instantly.

We provide a clean stump removal service. We dig few inches below the ground to remove the stump and then refill the space with soil so that you could use it further for any other purpose like planting any other tree or building something else over it.

Stump removal service includes:

  • Providing Consultation on your choices for a stump
  • We are removing the stump from few inches below the ground so that the area could be reused.
  • We are providing Proper cleaning services and the disposal of waste after the stump grinding process.
  • Refilling the area with soil and Leveling it properly for a clean space.
  • Help you plant another tree in that same spot or anywhere near if you want.

We are dedicated to providing the best stump removal services in Calgary and nearby areas, so if you are looking for a cheap and affordable tree stump removal services and without any compromise in the quality of services. Then feel free to contact us.

Frequently asked Questions on Stump Grinder Calgary

The average cost of stump removal is around $200, moreover, it depends on the area covered by the stump. Sometimes, companies can charge on per hour basis. It is better to get the job done by professionals only as they have the expertise to do the job with success.

The duration depends upon many factors like the size of the stump, its location. Usually, the single stump can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to get removed properly. 

Stump removal is slightly different from stump grinding. The stump can be removed through various processes like chemical removal and another popular method is decomposition. Stump grinding is one of the methods of stump removal, in which the roots are being removed from the ground with the help of a professional stump grinder machine. Stump grinding is a fast and safe method of stump removal.

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