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Hedge Trimming Calgary, Alberta

We all can agree that hedges can somehow give you the grand entrance feel that you like while entering your lawn. They look both classy and beautiful at the same time. We all can also agree that planting hedges are easy but maintaining them is a real task. Shaping them from time to time, watering them, protecting them from unwanted birds and animals who are looking for a new home. In short, a lot of work. So, what we do? Let them grow? Or cut them once and for all? 

What if I tell you there is an option number three, which is Hedge Trimming service in Calgary.

What is a hedge trimming?

Hedges are the type of shrubs which require a lot of maintenance, as they grow and become bushy with time. But what you need is a definite shape and size according to your lawn and preference. And for obtaining that, you need trimming once in a while. Depending upon the type of hedge you have planted. Hedge trimming Calgary is a process of cutting the hedge just inches enough to keep them in shape. It is a very tricky job, and if not done correctly, you may lose a large portion of your hedge then you intended on doing (tsk tsk).

Why Us for Hedge trimming services?

At Tree Service Calgary, you get the right group of trained arborists for the job. With the latest technology and machinery (hedge trimmer), we can make those stubborn hedges right as new. We can give it any shape or size you want because your wish is our command (*bow down*).

To make your yard a little greener and to help you maintain the greenness and keeping your plant looks healthy, we got everything you need.

And as other services that we provide, we guarantee a high-quality job at a very minimum rate compared to the market hedge trimming prices.

What do we do?

  • We provide trimming according to the type of hedges (Yes, hedges are of different types and are maintained accordingly).
  • We do the process as per your likeness and want (Your lawn, your rules).
  • We use the latest technology to avoid wastage and mistakes (as they do by using those big scissor-like trimmers).
  • We provide consultations on ‘how to maintain the hedges properly’.
  • We clear the waste after work, so you don’t need to do anything but enjoy your beautiful garden.

Our service areas are Calgary, Edmonton, and nearby areas.

Despite being the most efficient and competent (Obviously !!) our rates are relatively low and budget-friendly. Well yes, we do care about your pockets you’ll never find any additional “surprise” or “hidden” charges waiting to startle you on your invoice.

So, if you ever feel like giving those hedges of yours a makeover, or just to maintain their last makeover. Don’t forget to give our Calgary hedge trimming service a try.


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